My Cousin Vinny Parody | Kelley/Uustal Law Firm

The Kelley/Uustal Law Firm  contacted us to do these awesome parody videos of My Cousin Vinny to show at an upcoming law convention. The convention usually isn’t very exciting, so the crew over at Kelley/Uustal put on some hilarious wigs and became the stars of these short parodies to spice up the convention presentation. What a great use of media. We love when companies create something unconventional, take chances, and think outside of the box.We had a blast working on these with Kelley/Uustral. Still can’t get over the hilarious wigs.

Production Team: Josiah Sampson, Joshua Diaz, Abbie Cessna, Brandon Baker, Joshua Otis Miller

Deliverables: Media Consulting, Audio Engineering/Production, Video/Film Production