The Sun Trolley has just added a Downtown Link route and now you can access the comprehensive bus system in Flagler Village. This is helping the Fort Lauderdale community in a big way, and we love that. Most routes are free, or cost $.50 and all you have to do is “Wave and Ride”: Wave at the trolley, they’ll stop for you, and you hop on! Seriously, its a hidden gem.


The Sun Trolley flyer we created features infographics to visually show the growth and statistics that make Sun Trolley a unique and desirable ride. Additionally, we crafted an informative and attention grabbing folder for their Wave n’ Ride to 2025 campaign to raise community support.


We got some really cool shots of some of our favorite places in the Fort Lauderdale area. Local talent was used for this around the city, and Cadence was awesome enough to let us use their office and people for some footage, thanks guys!


Sun Trolley | Fort Lauderdale’s Community Bus Service

Production Team: Josiah Sampson, Joshua Diaz, Brandon Baker, Emily Wencelblat, Sarah Dreyer, Joshua Otis Miller
Deliverables: Media Consulting, Graphic Design, Branding,  Audio Engineering/Production, Video/Film Production